A recipe app that works with your voice



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Picture this: you’re cooking, your hands are dirty, and you don’t want to get your smartphone all covered with food or just want to look for recipes without having to type anything. If this sounds like you, then OidoCocina is the perfect app for you. Start cooking with the best recipes.

The way this app works is really fun; the only thing you have to do is tell it (out loud) the main ingredient you want to use and OidoCocina will give you a long list of recipes that you can make. Once you’ve picked your favorite option, you’ll see the list of ingredients and the nutritional information. The app is super complete because the recipes include a step-by-step process and all kinds of other information as well as a picture of each step. This helps you get an idea of how your dish should progress.

Add the recipes you’ve used and loved to your favorites so you can easily access them at any moment. One of the main features of the app is that you can talk to it in Spanish or English and it’ll understand you perfectly. Also, OidoCocina can understand any ingredient you pronounce, which means you’ll always have tons of options to choose from.
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